From the recording When you are Five

This is a true story. In Luray Tennessee, where there was no fire department, or town services, neighbors came to help when a house was on fire. At 5 years old, I saw a man, I learned was named Ott Anderson. This song tells of how I tried to get adults to beleive I saw him, as I had seen him fall back into the flames, inside the burning house. Traumatic, at the time, I forgot all about the incident, pushed it back in my mind, until not long ago, when the memory came back in full color, even with the name of the poor man involved. I knew I had to put it in a song.


When you are Five
Don McNatt

The whole house was on fire

All the windows were lit

They said they got everybody out, that they were going to get

They said Old Mr Anderson, he must have slept through it all

He never felt those flames, and he’s gone now

And That’s All

CHORUS _________________________________________________
But I saw I saw him in that window

He was trying to break free

And I yelled and I screamed, “ Somebody please help him!”

But nobody would hear me

And I felt like Mr Anderson, Nobody knew we were alive

Nobody pays attention, when you’re old, or when you’re Five_________

My whole heart was on fire
And I’ll never forget
The sight of that little white farmhouse
And the night sky that it lit


After that, I didn’t trust many people that were over four feet high
Just knew they didn’t trust me, and I didn’t know why
And I felt like Mr Anderson, nobody knew we were alive
Nobody pays attention, when you’re old, or when you’re 5 CHORUS