From the recording Untie those Apron Strings


Untie Those Apron Strings by Don and Karen McNatt Feb. 09

You are not my Mama…and I’m not like my Dad

I learned to appreciate…what my Daddy had

He’d hold onto Mama…. And she’d hold onto him

I hold onto memories….learnin’ love from watching them

He’d start kissin on Mama’s neck

Supper burned’ what the heck

He’d Grab his banjo and we’d all sing

He’d untie those apron strings

Pick her up and twirl her in the air

Supper’s late but we don’t care

Mama she’d drop everything

When he’d untie those apron strings

Our life gets so busy….so much work to do

But it’ll all be here tomorrow…and I promise I will too

Let me hold onto you girl….and you hold onto me

Our kids will have the memories …learnin’ love from what they see

Let me kiss a little on your neck

Supper’ll burn, but what the heck

Grab my guitar and we’ll all sing

Let’s untie those apron strings

I’m gonna take your pony tail out

The kids’ll put on “twist and shout”

Mama please drop everything

We’re gonna untie those apron strings

Untie those Apron Strings

Untie those Apron Strings