1. Live Again

From the recording Live Again


Imagination can get you by
but after 'while, you can't remember why
And there ain't nothing left to do
You might as well Live Again
Sometimes reality can smack you in the face
Somebody comes along, and puts you back in place
You realize you never left the human race, and
it's time to live again

Just when you think you've got it all under control
You once were half a thing, and now
you're starting to feel whole
and if you're really lucky, you could grow
into somebody who's worth sharing
So many times, you've looked at love and laughed
How could the love boat find you out there on that little raft
And ain't it bad enough, that you showed up on those old ashes you've been wearing

Start washing up your car
shine up your shoes
start doing things you know will help you shake these blues
the world's been leaving you clues
It's time to live again

Turn off talk radio, find something with a groove
and let your feelings go
Back there, when you were feeling foolish
that part was true
It's time to get on board for ships that might come in
I've heard they really do
It's time to choose a brighter shade of blue

Imagination, can get you by
but after 'while, you can't remember why
You've got nothing left to lose
you might as well live again
Live again
Live again