From the recording "The Dog in My Dreams


This is the Title track of the New CD. Skip is part of the inspiration for this one.

There's a Dog in My Dreams
With a tear in his eye
In my dreams he can talk,
so he's telling me why
Says he's sorry he barked
and did the things that dogs do
'Cause he thinks that it might be the reason that you
aren't scratching his ears
or throwing his ball
or just being there so he can run when you call

He's Asking me, Where'd you go?
Why'd you leave?
He loved you so
He needs his friend
He wants you back
Without you my dreams just can't stay on their track
He was part of a picture, and he wants me to know what that means
Without you, the worlds torn apart
For the Dog in My Dreams

Now I hear the alarm,
and I hear my dog cry
and I reach down beside me,
where I'm feeling your arm
And I know things I've said
And some things that I do
Are not what the man of your dreams aughta do
So, I'm watching you sleep,
and I'm Making a vow
to the girl of my dreams
that starting right now

I won't forget
I'm on the track
I need your love
I'll give it back
I'll be your friend, but love you more
'Cause that's what the girl of your dreams should be for
And without you my life would be coming apart at the seams
And I can't see the world torn apart
For the Dog in my Dreams