1. Singing a Song

From the recording Singing a Song

A roots sounding song, about Don's roots.


I call 'em Lifetime Buddies
bonded Strong when we were kids
Lawh, I loved to run with them boys
and do everything they did
and this old guitar went along
and i'd Find myself, singing a song

Lately, when I see 'em,
they ask me man, how'd you keep you hair?
D'you still think that old guitar
is going to get you anywhere
and they may not be wrong,
but I still find myself, singing a song

Now, we've been friends, since we were ten
and strapped on these old guitars
and way back then, you know we shared some dreams
so we both know who we are

and you've got to understand, Baby,

that If I ever lose you,
I'm gonna wanna just lay right down and die
'cause life on this earth without you,
just not something I want to try
but I know whatever goes wrong,
I'm gonna find myself, singing a song
I'm gonna find myself, singing a song.