From the recording All the Good Ones Aren't Gone

A tradition in country music is to write answers, to other country songs. Pam Tillis had a great record, and a big hit on a song that was certainly a good song, but seemed to call for a response.


All the Good Ones Areb't Gone

Well I heard that song about how there's a shortage
of Single, Independent, caring men
but by the time they sing that song, about the good ones being gone,
there's a new batch thrown back in that pool again
Now you wouldn't turn away a used Mercedes,
just because the owner wanted something new
'Cause it might be running right, every day and every night,
and it might just be the perfect one for you

All the the Good Ones, aren't gone
Somebody didn't know just what they had, and they left him all alone
So, before you say you're giving up and staying at home,
to wait for modern science, to make the Brother in Law clone
If you've got love to give, you might just get some of your own
'Cause all the good ones, aren't gone.

Now, I wouldn't say that used is always better,
Or that you'll win with any on the lot,
Cause with cars, and men and women, you can always get a lemon
Better take a careful look at what you've got
But you know that sometimes folks an get excited
and they go for someone new in such a haste,
that they one they leave behind, is better than the one they find,
and another loving man is going to waste