Country Music Weekly Oct 2, 2011 Sam Cooper hosts a lunchtime show, where his songwriting buddies show up to play a few tunes, and enjoy a hearty meal. And we’re talking cream of the crop here, as on one particular day, when writers Sam Tate, who’s credits include Rodney Atkins number one hit, “If You’re Goin’ through Hell”, and Memphis legend Don McNatt dropped by.” - Staff writer

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A Great Songwriting Experience @ the Commodore Recently, I stopped in to the Commodore Grille in Nashville to check out a couple of songwriter rounds. I had a great time listening to a particularly fun round of songwriting which featured Don McNatt, Denny Martin, and Sam Gyllenhaal. My night was made after hearing Don McNatt’s “Ripped Up, Torn Up” and Denny Martin’s “Funkin” Up the Country”. These two songs reminded me how fun songwriting can be and how no matter the songs topic, well crafted songs will always be appreciated by audiences. The audience’s reaction to these two songs was a tribute to Don and Denny’s songwriting experience and capable craftsmanship. The third man on stage was the youthful Sam Gyllenhall, who brought a great blend of rock/pop/country to the stage. Sam’s great tenor voice played somewhere between Vince Gill and John Mayer, and I absolutely enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm he brought to the stage. I can say he will do well to stick close to the likes of his more… well I’ll say… experienced stage mates Don and Denny. Although he seems to just be getting his act together, I look forward to watching where his career takes him. I wish him much luck.” - Darren Christianson


My number 8 pick is Don McNatt “Ripped Up Tore Up”. It’s an absolutely hilarious song and it catches your attention RIGHT AWAY! The first time I ever heard it I was at the Commodore and I had to leave for a basketball game just as he was halfway done…I was upset.” - Gary Hayes

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Out near the stage and dance floor, white bluesman Don McNatt awaits his turn on stage. “I’m from Memphis,” he says, noting he moved to Music City long ago. “I grew up playing with people who were blues legends there. Until I found Carol Ann’s, I couldn’t find anything like that here.” This Murfreesboro Road joint in the shadow of the massive I-40 flyway – beneath which homeless seek shelter and swap cheap pints – a wide and lonely world removed from Beale Street glitter. But, McNatt, who has just gotten back from two weeks of European gigs, says Carol Ann’s is something special. “It’s better than most of the bars I play in” around the world.”” - Tim Ghianni

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Don McNatt • Have Songs, Will Travel • - 5 Stars Don McNatt wrote/co-wrote all but one of the twelve songs included on his CD, Have Songs, Will Travel. There is certainly an assortment of material from the opening bluesy song, “Singing A Song” to the humorous, “Ripped Up Tore Up.” Don even includes a Christmas song, “Tomorrow It’s Going To Be Christmas.” Don approaches each song with enthusiasm and conveys the varied styles with precision.” - Brenda Maddox

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The October 5 show will feature Grammy Award winning songwriter John Capek, whose songs have been recorded by Rod Stewart, Cher, Diana Ross, Chicago, and many others. Capek is also an accomplished composer, songwriter, keyboard player, arranger and has scored music for feature films and television. Joining him on stage will be Vance Lambert (singer-songwriter ala Cat Stevens), Don McNatt(Virtuoso Guitar Singer Songwriter & TV Personality), Pino (MusiK Mafia Percussionist with his surprise artist protégé), Jamie Saylor( Real Kountry music) and Crystal Sands (“label ready” country singer songwriter).” - Staff writer

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Award winning singer Don McNatt, son of Grand Ole Opry Fiddler Speedy McNatt, grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, playing music from a very early age. He has performed in film, theatre, commercials, and most other forms of of showbusiness, and has always been a songwriter. He produces and hosts WRITERS IN THE ROUND with DON MCNATT and FREINDS for CATV in Nashville, and performs currently with his songwriter wife, Karen McNatt, in the USA, and overseas. They will perform at the Fifth Maine Museum, this Thursday.” - Philip Daligan

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“I wish you guys could hear the terrific feedback I'm getting from my friends that came to my home for your house concert. They all think I'm a genius for planning such an entertaining event. Most have already asked me if I plan to do more (and, of course, I do). I'm almost embarrassed to let them know how easy it was. I sent out a few e-mails and made some cookies!!!” “Seriously, I do want to thank you for a delightful evening. A special magic happens when fans get to share the energy with the folks who create the music. The folks that were here feel like they have made new friends. I hope you do too!”” - Sylvia Stamps

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( translation from German) “A lot of storys to tell... thats what Karen and Don McNatt had, too. They were coming from Nashville, Tennesse especially for the show. Don McNatt is a well known Songwriter there that even has his own TV-Show. Of course their songs are about love, too, especially the late love, but also about memories going lost or an indian medicine man in "Rain Dancing". Also they dont let miss humor, like in "I want to speak spanish".”” - Sybille Bohm

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Don and Karen McNatt -Two more talented people, you won't find anywhere.” - Gary Lake

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“The McNatts are both ASCAP Songwriters, and live in Antioch, TN, but they are also performers. They have spent the last few years traveling around the planet with their music. They recently returned from Bavaria, in Germany, where they played for sold out houses, and they will return there, in November. They also spend time in Texas, and around the Southeast. They were recently featured on the syndicated radio program (35 Stations) “The Sucarnochee Review “, coming from south Alabama. Davidson County residents will recognize from his local TV program, “Writers in the Round with Don McNatt and Friends”, that plays in the Nashville area 5 times per week..”” - (staff)

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