Life in Florida- the MACS

We've moved to Perdido Key, in Florida, right at the Florida - Alabama Line. We were coming down here 10 days a year for the Frank Brown International Songwriter's Festival. The Festival is in November, each year, not the best month for weather here, but even then, the Gulf called to us, for the climate, and sunshine here. Along with that, great songwriters live here, and there is a rich history of the greatest songwriters using these gulf coast venues to work on and grow their songs with the strong support of locals here, and tourists alike, who grew to have a great appreciation for original songs, and those who sing them. In a since, Mickey Newbury trained today's audience down here, by starting a tradition. He found a great reception here, and invited his songwriting friends to join him down here. Guys like Joe Gilchrist, with his FLORA-BAMA, on the beach, welcomed these songwriters, and do to this day. The publishers, labels, and studios for most of these guys are located in Nashville, but when it comes to a place to write, and perform your own songs, before, during, and after your pitch to a big touring artist, for them to record, you really can't beat the Flora-Bama area here. Several local favorites, are also Hit writers, with songs known the world over. We loved Nashville, and Murfreesboro, and we miss our family and friends there. In Nashville, however, it was sort of rule, that we could only play our own music, if we wanted to continue to be seen as songwriters, in the very large competitive group of folks going for that dream in Nashville. I'm proud of the songs we wrote there, and the recordings we made, but once again, since we don't own rights to other people's songs, we only put our own original songs on our albums, as we only post those on the web, as well, for the same copyright reasons. Don especially, but Karen also, longed to play our favorite songs, that inspired us to BE songwriters. There is also a debate we could have about where songwriter vocabulary comes from. I think we learn about songs by playing great ones, for audiences, and learning what people respond to . So....... We formed the MACS. This is a new name for Don McNatt, Karen McNatt, and Augie Savage, and along with our own songs, we hit fan favorites in every genre. Audiences share our love for a great variety of music. The MACS base at THE ORIGINAL POINT RESTAURANT on Tuesdays, weekly, and play various venues in the area, like the FLORA-BAMA, HUB STACY'S, TACKY JACK'S, THE PURPLE PARROT, and others. More to come. Thanks for stopping by.