Angels on the internet, and Macs begin!

Don and Karen have been traveling again, since the last entry, and seeing some new places in the world. Karen's son was traveling too, but on a tour in Irak with the Marine Corps. Karen has written a song for him, called "Say Good Morning to your Angel", that has been passed through the ranks of the Marine Corps and thier families. via Emails, and making their own discs from those messages. Karen has been asked to play the upcoming convention of Marine Parents. The song will be on the new Don and Karen CD, That is expected to be ready for release in November, but already, we hear of wild radio play, on "Say Good Morning to your Angel", as it is discovered around the country, and overseas. In the meantime, a new partnership has been agreed on, and Don and Karen will join with award winning singer, and songwriter Barbara Morrisson McGuire, and noted guitar ace Max McGuire, to form the MACS. It will be an acoustic vocal band, in the tradition of the Mamas and the Papas, featuring harmony, and their own Nashville style. Lee Rascone named the group at the wonderful new writer's venue, Lyrix. 2nd Wednesday continues to be a blessing in the McNatt home, and truly great writers have joined the McNatts over the last 3 years in this house concert. Don and Karen took special pleasure in playing at the Mickey Newbury Gathering this year in Austin, TX. This is a great yearly event, that Don and Karen recommend it highly if you love Mickey Newbury, just love great songs, or would like to meet an extremely nice group of people, who support the memory, and the future of all of the great Mickey Newbury legacy.