Summer Flew by- Fall is promising great things.

The McNatts had a great summer, that included great 2nd Wednesday events, a showing of the new TV Pilot, ( that ended up being called "Only in Nashville"), and as always some travel to take the music around the world. As always, writers venues in Nashville have made changes over these last few months, and the pool of highly talented writers in Music City continues to grow. Jack Scott's French Quarter Cafe nights are still the best place to really showcase a songwriter, but the Hall of Fame Lounge is back up and running with new manager David Lee Slate. His heart is really in these songs, and that room gets better all the time. You'll also find great writers as always playing for Debi Champion at the Commodore, Super nights hosted by Lee Rascone at the Commodore, and at Crossroads, in the heart of the Rhyman Auditorium area. Cocktails, in downtown Nashville has also upgraded their sound, and layout and there are great evenings of music there most of the week. "ONLY IN NASHVILLE" The TV Pilot "Only in Nashville" is now complete and being pitched to the networks. There are so many pilots proposed each year, that we don't want to count on this, but the program is good, and great big congratulations go to the cast, and the production company for a great showcase for all involved. Don's reviews, so far, as the wiley sherriff, with the long hair, have been raves. Wish us luck with the pitches that will happen now. It would be great to see Don on more than local TV each week. SUMMER TRAVEL Since the last update, we've been down in Georgia, over in London, and up to Amsterdam spreading the word about Don and Karen's music. Some of you know that Don has been building this carreer for a long time, but now, more and more audiences are wanting to see Karen working with him as a duo. The couple is exited with this, because it means they can travel together, and sing these love songs with harmony. You'll see some new pictures on the site to reflect this. THE WRITING GOES ON! During the fall months, we expect to see more great songs, especially from Karen, shoot more TV shows with some of Nashvilles most talented writers, (Writers in the Round on CATV) and invite people to the stage at the McNatt household, to share their best music. The 2nd Wednesday concerts are almost 2 years running now, and the list of writers who have played, and come to hear each other play, is one of the strongest lists of writers in Nashville. The McNatts are continually grateful for all the support that has been shown for this monthly event. We look forward to more songs, more travel, and surprises in the presentation over the next few months. We hope you'll join us at a Songwriter venue near you, before the year is up. Don and Karen are also members of NSAI, and Don has been asked to go to Washington, in the fall, to talk with Senators and Congress people about the very bad laws that govern the income of songwriters. Our copywrite freedoms are in danger from illegal downloading, and our countries laws regarding taxation, and salary caps for songwriters is simply wrong, and needs correcting. Don is proud to offer a voice to those issues on TV, and will be very pleased to share some thoughts with the Legislators that can help. It seems that in the past when these laws were made, there was no one to represent songwriters, so the votes went to folks who would profit greatly if songwriter rights could be ignored. NSAI has taken this on as a primary purpose for thier existance. Bart Herbison is committed to getting these unfair laws changed, and they have already won some of the current battles. Don will be happy to go with them to Washington, and proud to be associated with the good work at NSAI.

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