Life in Florida- the MACS 

We've moved to Perdido Key, in Florida, right at the Florida - Alabama Line. We were coming down here 10 days a year for the Frank Brown International Songwriter's Festival. The Festival is in November, each year, not the best month for weather here, but even then, the Gulf called to us, for the climate, and sunshine here. Along with that, great songwriters live here, and there is a rich history of the greatest songwriters using these gulf coast venues to work on and grow their songs with the strong…

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Tribute to Don's Career by R&B Society 

Jimmy Church hosted an evening in tribute to Don's career, on behalf of the Rhythm and Blues Society. The event, where Don was given a certificate of Musical Achievement, was held at Carol Ann's Home Cooking Cafe, the premiere Blues venue in Nashville. Several of Don's friends came to Nashville for the event, notably Blues legend Brad Webb, from Memphis, and Ronn Crowder, from Kentucky, who played on the show.

Published a new book ! 

"THINGS I'VE LEARNED FROM THE AUDIENCE" is available at Amazon, or wherever downloaded books are available. For a print copy, feel free to email us at this website. $15.00 covers the print copy, and the downloads are only $9.99 This promises to be the first in a series where Don shares tips, and passes on an approach to a professional attitude. We hear so much about how a performer's attitude makes all the difference, and that's true. We rarely hear, however, what that attitude is, and how we achieve it.…

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Have Songs Will Travel now available 

The new CD is exactly what you would expect from Don. It's a variety of songs, that Don has been playing for appreciative audiences over the last few years. The players did a phenomenal job, and the recording is steller, so if you like Don's songs, you're going to love this CD. Email us for one, or watch for it to appear on very soon, and download outlets to follow.

Award in Australia 

Don was honored at the Canberra Country Music Festival, in Australia, with their People's Choice Award for Favorite International Performer. They loved Karen too, and the couple had a great time down under, where stations actually play their songs on the radio. Don and Karen hope to return soon.

Finalist in Cabin Fever Performing Songwriter Contest 

Here at the end of January of our new 2009, Don and Karen entered the CABIN FEVER PERFORMING SONGWRITER CONTEST sponsored by WDVX radio, 89.9 FM, the Great Smokey Mountains National Parks, and WRITERS BLOCK. Contestants compete on 4 seperate evenings, and the winners from those contest, compete in the finals, to be held February 26, at the Hard Rock Cafe, ( also a sponsor ) in Gatlinburg Don and Karen entered the contest separately, each of them playing 2 songs for the judges, at different times during…

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Wow! it's been a while! 

For any of you who are interested enough to check this news, we appreciate you, and we apologize for letting it go so long without an update. It's not a great excuse, but I'm pleased to say, we've been busy. Since the last entry, we've been in Germany again, touring towns around Munich, with the great CB Green. We saw our freind Fred Guggenberger there, and will be back to see him in the next month or so to play some gigs with him, and renew our growing freindship with the German audience. The Newspapers…

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Angels on the internet, and Macs begin! 

Don and Karen have been traveling again, since the last entry, and seeing some new places in the world. Karen's son was traveling too, but on a tour in Irak with the Marine Corps. Karen has written a song for him, called "Say Good Morning to your Angel", that has been passed through the ranks of the Marine Corps and thier families. via Emails, and making their own discs from those messages. Karen has been asked to play the upcoming convention of Marine Parents. The song will be on the new Don and Karen CD…

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Summer Flew by- Fall is promising great things. 

The McNatts had a great summer, that included great 2nd Wednesday events, a showing of the new TV Pilot, ( that ended up being called "Only in Nashville"), and as always some travel to take the music around the world As always, writers venues in Nashville have made changes over these last few months, and the pool of highly talented writers in Music City continues to grow. Jack Scott's French Quarter Cafe nights are still the best place to really showcase a songwriter, but the Hall of Fame Lounge is…

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Coming into a New Year 

Don and Karen have been having a great time this fall. Paltalk featured a live performance worldwide via the internet, with host DJ Julie Taylor, which resulted in some CD's going out and response from Australia, New Zealand and other areas new to the McNatts. The good folks at CD Baby, and are selling some of Don's "Dog in my Dreams" CD around the USA, so we appreciate their help in spreading the word about this music Don and Karen just returned from a short trip to Bermuda where the Salt…

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