fall marks the introduction of Don's new Book, available online, for downloads, or in print. Here's a link to get started.

Things I've Learned from the Audience: Thoughts From an Old Road Dog by BookBaby

We are proud to announce the new CD , HAVE SONGS WILL TRAVEL, is now available directly from this site, and will soon be found on cdbaby.com, and most download sites. by mid September. Here's some solo videos. These will all be original songs, in small, and large venues.

House Concerts In Your Home Be sure to click "Play" for the video! Thanks for coming by the site. You'll find where Don can be seen playing live, some evidence of Don's History, and we hope you'll take a minute to hear samples from the new CDs, "The Dog In My Dreams". Is still available, in a remastered, repackaged version, that we know you will enjoy. After some partnering projects, Don is about to release a new CD " Have Songs, Will Travel". 14 Songs on this one, using wonderful players and recording to enhance Don's songs. Check with Don for a preview Copy, but this should be available in a full release soon. Go to the Links section and click on CD Baby. It'll take you right to the dog in My dreams, or click the links for the new cd's. Once you get to CD Baby, it's easy to find Don's CDs, as well as a large number of established, and independant artists. Don and Karen also had occasional live shows featuring songwriters in their home, from 2004 to 2008, and from time to time we've shown pictures from those performances, as well as from the episodes of "Writers in the Round with Don McNatt and Friends" shot for CATV in Nashville. Here's one featuring Karen on the show, with her brother, writer and recording artist Brian Shaw. We love this song, and hope you will too. Don, believes that "Family" is not only important for us as humans, but especially as artists. So much of what we are able to do can be traced to the influence of our familes. The McNatts credit alot to the people who have a part in their lives. We may show some of those folks from time to time. We're proud to have this on web, and hope you'll let us hear from you, if you have comments on the site, and especially if we can share some music with you. There will be an opportunity to sign up for the Mailing list, as well as to order CD's and sometimes other items from this site. <?php require "hostbaby"; list_signup(); ?> SMPLZAT Productions