Noteable The Dog in My Dreams - Don McNatt (SMPLZAT) This former member of Spiral Staircase now based in Nashville presents a broad offering for a songwriter album, with big-sounding production to match McNatt's robust voice. The title track is a roundabout telling of a man's concern that he may not live up to the girl of his dreams. There are fun songs like his singalong appeal to a Mexican waitress "I Wanna Speak Spanish." McNatt shows an affinity for emotive songs on both sides of love, particularly with the moving "Bless the Day" and the addiction allegory "Givin' Me Up." The rallying "For Your Love" slowly builds steam to a pitch that will keep the tune bouncing around your head. And "Rain Dancing" resonates with powerful vocal choruses and a catchy rhythm. Visit to pick up this one and read about McNatt's other endeavors, including songwriter shows and his part in the Beverly Hillbillies movie.” - Don Thomason

Amplifier Magazine

( translation from German) Who expected a Country singer with Don McNatt, because he comes from Nashville, that not only surprised of his joke and charm, but also of his music titles. Which perhaps reminded its urwuechsig working, clear, native musical and text language of the Country music was. One believed to know his Songs and him already eternally.” - Tom Cunningham

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