"Things I've Learned from the Audience"

This is Don's new book, and rather than previewing it here, click the link to Amazon. ON THIS PAGE BELOW ( there is no obligation to buy from clicking the link ) It has a sample, and reviews. It's a book on performing, for performers - especially those starting out, but including those in a more advanced stage of their development,- who'd like to gain from Don's experience playing for audiences since 1962. Don has worked as an actor, musician, magician, writer, director, singer, songwriter, producer, and even street performer, and stand up comedy. His work with both Live audiences, and media, like audio recordings, film and TV has given him an overview that lead to advice for anyone who is on stage or film. Practical ideas, and a re-thinking of the extremely positive results of a professional attitude - what that is, and how to get one. This book is available for downloads, at all the popular sites, like Amazon Kindle, Scrib'd, Bookbaby, and so on.. It sells for $9.99. Comments are very positive. and we hope you'll check it out. Paper coupes are available, but it is a limited edition. To order one, send $17.50 to cover the book, and the shipping charge, to SMPLZAT Songs McNatt 5914 Bay Vista Dr Pensacola, FL 32507 Make check or money order to SMPLZAT Songs We'll ship when we get the order, so delivery includes time the order takes to reach us, and time for USPS delivery back to you. In most cases less than a week. Buy this on Amazon

Have Songs Will Travel

Have Songss Will Travel is a songwriter album, that features the songs that live audiences have responded to, enhanced by the contributions of extremely talented musicians, to fill out the arrangements. Several styles and genres of music are represented, but all are distinctively Don's. There's even a Christmas song, and a range from serious to hilarious. We think you'll find the variety, and the songs themselves entertaining, until you can catch Don live in concert.

"The Dog in My Dreams"

Classic Don. This was the first CD released from Nashville. Great players add so much to Don's Songs, and these are some of the best from a town loaded with Giants. You can get it on cdbaby.com, and also hear samples of all the songs there. CD Baby You'll find thousands of independant label artists here and a chance to hear the music before you order the CD.

"Don McNatt and the SMPLZAT Band"

This is the current re-release of the 1992 album with the fabulous SMPLZAT Band that featured Don with Leo LeBlanc, James Mason, Ronn Crowder, Rob Wait, Dan MacNamara and Art Shilling. It's a collector's item, and released again as a tribute to these great and legendary players. Link to CD Baby to purchase this one while they last. _