Wow! it's been a while!

For any of you who are interested enough to check this news, we appreciate you, and we apologize for letting it go so long without an update. It's not a great excuse, but I'm pleased to say, we've been busy. Since the last entry, we've been in Germany again, touring towns around Munich, with the great CB Green. We saw our freind Fred Guggenberger there, and will be back to see him in the next month or so to play some gigs with him, and renew our growing freindship with the German audience. The Newspapers there reviewed Don and Karen, and put color photos in the paper, so this kind of hospitality deserves another visit. A few weeks later, our duo visited London, officially for house concerts, but while there, they stopped to play at the Green Note, and some other great music spots, that they will plan on seeing again. Then it was off to the Kerrville Folk Festival. It's an 18 day event, and Don and Karen spent all but 3 days of it there, camping in a tent, and playing acoustic music with the thousands of others, in one of the most creative and fullfilling musical environments on the planet. They even played a round that included Peter Yaro, of Peter Paul and Mary. Just being in this company was a thrill, and being accepted by these "folks" was a high point of the year. (You can see some of the dates in the past dates list, on this site,) After that, Don and Karen Stayed in Texas playing, Fredericksburg, Bandera, Austin, Galveston, and other towns, with a required visit to Luckenbach. The end of the tour was Austin, where they were one of the featured acts at the Mickey Newbury Gathering. It was the 3rd year for our couple to play this 3 day festival, and it resulted in renewing and making new freinds, and a spot on the Sucharnoche Review, coming up in August. This is a syndicated radio program, broadcast over 35 stations, and internet, from a University campus in South Alabama. Host Jacky Jack White was at the Newbury Gathering, and we appreciate his talents, as well as his invitation to join him for this broadcast. Unfortunately, the beloved 2nd Wednesday series in the McNatt home, had to be discontinued after 4 years of great writers, and great concerts. There is hope to have some special events in that same style, but alas, with so much travel, the McNatts simply couldn't commit to being home the second week of each month any more. The McNatts are still regulars at the Frank Brown International Songwriters festival, in Perdido Key FL, or Gulf Shores Alabama, depending on how far you drive on the main road. We've met even more great songwriters there, and are proud to be in their company. The "Writers in the Round with Don McNatt and Freinds" Television program, is still coming to homes in Nashville 5 times per week, and we appreciate CATV for all their support of the show. There are some new episodes, and more will be shot in September, when the McNatts return from the next Texas trip, to the Little Folk festival, and some Texas style concert venues. When in Nashville, the duo enjoys playing at restaurants in the surrounding area, like Columbia, Galatin,Winchester, and Lebanon, TN. These are short drives out of town, and although the McNatts are mostly performing songwriters, like most songwriters, they love to play great classic songs, and this provides that opportunity. Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive! We'll try to keep you posted more regularly in the future. Don't forget, that there's a spot to sign up for the Email list, if you want regular notification of where Don and Karen will be.