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Don McNatt: News

Life in Florida- the MACS - May 3, 2019

We've moved to Perdido Key, in Florida, right at the Florida - Alabama Line. We were coming down here 10 days a year for the Frank Brown International Songwriter's Festival. The Festival is in November, each year, not the best month for weather here, but even then, the Gulf called to us, for the climate, and sunshine here. Along with that, great songwriters live here, and there is a rich history of the greatest songwriters using these gulf coast venues to work on and grow their songs with the strong support of locals here, and tourists alike, who grew to have a great appreciation for original songs, and those who sing them. In a since, Mickey Newbury trained today's audience down here, by starting a tradition. He found a great reception here, and invited his songwriting friends to join him down here. Guys like Joe Gilchrist, with his FLORA-BAMA, on the beach, welcomed these songwriters, and do to this day. The publishers, labels, and studios for most of these guys are located in Nashville, but when it comes to a place to write, and perform your own songs, before, during, and after your pitch to a big touring artist, for them to record, you really can't beat the Flora-Bama area here. Several local favorites, are also Hit writers, with songs known the world over.
We loved Nashville, and Murfreesboro, and we miss our family and friends there. In Nashville, however, it was sort of rule, that we could only play our own music, if we wanted to continue to be seen as songwriters, in the very large competitive group of folks going for that dream in Nashville. I'm proud of the songs we wrote there, and the recordings we made, but once again, since we don't own rights to other people's songs, we only put our own original songs on our albums, as we only post those on the web, as well, for the same copyright reasons. Don especially, but Karen also, longed to play our favorite songs, that inspired us to BE songwriters. There is also a debate we could have about where songwriter vocabulary comes from. I think we learn about songs by playing great ones, for audiences, and learning what people respond to . So....... We formed the MACS. This is a new name for Don McNatt, Karen McNatt, and Augie Savage, and along with our own songs, we hit fan favorites in every genre. Audiences share our love for a great variety of music. The MACS base at THE ORIGINAL POINT RESTAURANT on Tuesdays, weekly, and play various venues in the area, like the FLORA-BAMA, HUB STACY'S, TACKY JACK'S, THE PURPLE PARROT, and others.

More to come. Thanks for stopping by.

Tribute to Don's Career by R&B Society - April 15, 2014

Jimmy Church hosted an evening in tribute to Don's career, on behalf of the Rhythm and Blues Society. The event, where Don was given a certificate of Musical Achievement, was held at Carol Ann's Home Cooking Cafe, the premiere Blues venue in Nashville. Several of Don's friends came to Nashville for the event, notably Blues legend Brad Webb, from Memphis, and Ronn Crowder, from Kentucky, who played on the show.

Published a new book ! - October 8, 2013

"THINGS I'VE LEARNED FROM THE AUDIENCE" is available at Amazon, or wherever downloaded books are available. For a print copy, feel free to email us at this website. $15.00 covers the print copy, and the downloads are only $9.99.

This promises to be the first in a series where Don shares tips, and passes on an approach to a professional attitude. We hear so much about how a performer's attitude makes all the difference, and that's true. We rarely hear, however, what that attitude is, and how we achieve it. Over 50 years of entertaining live audiences in many forms has given Don the time, and experience, to have some wisdom to pass along.

Have Songs Will Travel now available - August 22, 2012

The new CD is exactly what you would expect from Don. It's a variety of songs, that Don has been playing for appreciative audiences over the last few years. The players did a phenomenal job, and the recording is steller, so if you like Don's songs, you're going to love this CD. Email us for one, or watch for it to appear on very soon, and download outlets to follow.

Award in Australia - November 16, 2010

Don was honored at the Canberra Country Music Festival, in Australia, with their People's Choice Award for Favorite International Performer. They loved Karen too, and the couple had a great time down under, where stations actually play their songs on the radio. Don and Karen hope to return soon.

Finalist in Cabin Fever Performing Songwriter Contest - January 30, 2009

Here at the end of January of our new 2009, Don and Karen entered the CABIN FEVER PERFORMING SONGWRITER CONTEST sponsored by WDVX radio, 89.9 FM, the Great Smokey Mountains National Parks, and WRITERS BLOCK. Contestants compete on 4 seperate evenings, and the winners from those contest, compete in the finals, to be held February 26, at the Hard Rock Cafe, ( also a sponsor ) in Gatlinburg.
Don and Karen entered the contest separately, each of them playing 2 songs for the judges, at different times during the program. Because this turned out to be a very good show, with many great writers, we are very pleased, and proud to announce that Karen won 2nd place, for the night, and Don was awarded the first prize, which will bring him back for the finals in late February. If you are in the area, come on down. It's a beautiful place to be, and Don would appreciate your support. This is a well done, and well respected contest, even though it's only in it's second year. It would sure be fun to win, but we really appreciate the opportunity for Don to play with other finalists, and be part of this event, however it goes. Come and find out!
Someone has placed the winning performance on YouTube. will get you there, or go to the links page on this site.

Wow! it's been a while! - August 12, 2008

For any of you who are interested enough to check this news, we appreciate you, and we apologize for letting it go so long without an update. It's not a great excuse, but I'm pleased to say, we've been busy. Since the last entry, we've been in Germany again, touring towns around Munich, with the great CB Green. We saw our freind Fred Guggenberger there, and will be back to see him in the next month or so to play some gigs with him, and renew our growing freindship with the German audience. The Newspapers there reviewed Don and Karen, and put color photos in the paper, so this kind of hospitality deserves another visit. A few weeks later, our duo visited London, officially for house concerts, but while there, they stopped to play at the Green Note, and some other great music spots, that they will plan on seeing again. Then it was off to the Kerrville Folk Festival. It's an 18 day event, and Don and Karen spent all but 3 days of it there, camping in a tent, and playing acoustic music with the thousands of others, in one of the most creative and fullfilling musical environments on the planet. They even played a round that included Peter Yaro, of Peter Paul and Mary. Just being in this company was a thrill, and being accepted by these "folks" was a high point of the year. (You can see some of the dates in the past dates list, on this site,) After that, Don and Karen Stayed in Texas playing, Fredericksburg, Bandera, Austin, Galveston, and other towns, with a required visit to Luckenbach. The end of the tour was Austin, where they were one of the featured acts at the Mickey Newbury Gathering. It was the 3rd year for our couple to play this 3 day festival, and it resulted in renewing and making new freinds, and a spot on the Sucharnoche Review, coming up in August. This is a syndicated radio program, broadcast over 35 stations, and internet, from a University campus in South Alabama. Host Jacky Jack White was at the Newbury Gathering, and we appreciate his talents, as well as his invitation to join him for this broadcast.

Unfortunately, the beloved 2nd Wednesday series in the McNatt home, had to be discontinued after 4 years of great writers, and great concerts. There is hope to have some special events in that same style, but alas, with so much travel, the McNatts simply couldn't commit to being home the second week of each month any more.

The McNatts are still regulars at the Frank Brown International Songwriters festival, in Perdido Key FL, or Gulf Shores Alabama, depending on how far you drive on the main road. We've met even more great songwriters there, and are proud to be in their company.

The "Writers in the Round with Don McNatt and Freinds" Television program, is still coming to homes in Nashville 5 times per week, and we appreciate CATV for all their support of the show. There are some new episodes, and more will be shot in September, when the McNatts return from the next Texas trip, to the Little Folk festival, and some Texas style concert venues. When in Nashville, the duo enjoys playing at restaurants in the surrounding area, like Columbia, Galatin,Winchester, and Lebanon, TN. These are short drives out of town, and although the McNatts are mostly performing songwriters, like most songwriters, they love to play great classic songs, and this provides that opportunity.

Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive! We'll try to keep you posted more regularly in the future. Don't forget, that there's a spot to sign up for the Email list, if you want regular notification of where Don and Karen will be.

Angels on the internet, and Macs begin! - September 10, 2006

Don and Karen have been traveling again, since the last entry, and seeing some new places in the world. Karen's son was traveling too, but on a tour in Irak with the Marine Corps. Karen has written a song for him, called "Say Good Morning to your Angel", that has been passed through the ranks of the Marine Corps and thier families. via Emails, and making their own discs from those messages. Karen has been asked to play the upcoming convention of Marine Parents. The song will be on the new Don and Karen CD, That is expected to be ready for release in November, but already, we hear of wild radio play, on "Say Good Morning to your Angel", as it is discovered around the country, and overseas.

In the meantime, a new partnership has been agreed on, and Don and Karen will join with award winning singer, and songwriter Barbara Morrisson McGuire, and noted guitar ace Max McGuire, to form the MACS. It will be an acoustic vocal band, in the tradition of the Mamas and the Papas, featuring harmony, and their own Nashville style. Lee Rascone named the group at the wonderful new writer's venue, Lyrix.

2nd Wednesday continues to be a blessing in the McNatt home, and truly great writers have joined the McNatts over the last 3 years in this house concert.

Don and Karen took special pleasure in playing at the Mickey Newbury Gathering this year in Austin, TX. This is a great yearly event, that Don and Karen recommend it highly if you love Mickey Newbury, just love great songs, or would like to meet an extremely nice group of people, who support the memory, and the future of all of the great Mickey Newbury legacy.

Summer Flew by- Fall is promising great things. - October 1, 2005

The McNatts had a great summer, that included great 2nd Wednesday events, a showing of the new TV Pilot, ( that ended up being called "Only in Nashville"), and as always some travel to take the music around the world.

As always, writers venues in Nashville have made changes over these last few months, and the pool of highly talented writers in Music City continues to
grow. Jack Scott's French Quarter Cafe nights are still the best place to really showcase a songwriter, but the Hall of Fame Lounge is back up and running with new manager David Lee Slate. His heart is really in these songs, and that room gets better all the time. You'll also find great writers as always playing for Debi Champion at the Commodore, Super nights hosted by Lee Rascone at the Commodore, and at Crossroads, in the heart of the Rhyman Auditorium area. Cocktails, in downtown Nashville has also upgraded their sound, and layout and there are great evenings of music there most of the week.


The TV Pilot "Only in Nashville" is now complete and being pitched to the networks. There are so many pilots proposed each year, that we don't want to count on this, but the program is good, and great big congratulations go to the cast, and the production company for a great showcase for all involved. Don's reviews, so far, as the wiley sherriff, with the long hair, have been raves. Wish us luck with the pitches that will happen now. It would be great to see Don on more than local TV each week.


Since the last update, we've been down in Georgia, over in London, and up to Amsterdam spreading the word about Don and Karen's music. Some of you know that Don has been building this carreer for a long time, but now, more and more audiences are wanting to see Karen working with him as a duo. The couple is exited with this, because it means they can travel together, and sing these love songs with harmony. You'll see some new pictures on the site to reflect this.


During the fall months, we expect to see more great songs, especially from Karen, shoot more TV shows with some of Nashvilles most talented writers, (Writers in the Round on CATV) and invite people to the stage at the McNatt
household, to share their best music. The 2nd Wednesday concerts are almost 2 years running now, and the list of writers who have played, and come to hear each other play, is one of the strongest lists of writers in Nashville. The McNatts are continually grateful for all the support that has been shown for this monthly event.

We look forward to more songs, more travel, and surprises in the presentation over the next few months. We hope you'll join us at a Songwriter venue near you, before the year is up.

Don and Karen are also members of NSAI, and Don has been asked to go to Washington, in the fall, to talk with Senators and Congress people about the very bad laws that govern the income of songwriters. Our copywrite freedoms are in danger from illegal downloading, and our countries laws regarding taxation, and salary caps for songwriters is simply wrong, and needs correcting. Don is proud to offer a voice to those issues on TV, and will be very pleased to share some thoughts with the Legislators that can help. It seems that in the past when these laws were made, there was no one to represent songwriters, so the votes went to folks who would profit greatly if songwriter rights could be ignored. NSAI has taken this on as a primary purpose for thier existance. Bart Herbison is committed to getting these unfair laws changed, and they have already won some of the current battles. Don will be happy to go with them to Washington, and proud to be associated with the good work at NSAI.

Coming into a New Year - November 25, 2004

Don and Karen have been having a great time this fall. Paltalk featured a live performance worldwide via the internet, with host DJ Julie Taylor, which resulted in some CD's going out and response from Australia, New Zealand and other areas new to the McNatts. The good folks at CD Baby, and are selling some of Don's "Dog in my Dreams" CD around the USA, so we appreciate their help in spreading the word about this music.

Don and Karen just returned from a short trip to Bermuda where the Salt Kettle Inn hosted their songs for a couple of nights, and they met more new international freinds. Folks down there also took some CD's home, so we hope it will open opportunities to travel to the areas those folks call home as well.

December will hold a great 2nd Wednesday at the McNatt stage in their home, but most of the rest of the month will be dedicated to writing, and some recording on Karen's material. They will also spend some time with family and want to wish everyone a great holiday season with thier families and freinds. January will start live performances again beginning with a featured round for Debi Champion at the famed Commodore lounge, among some other dates for Debi, who has been a great supporter, and is one of Nashvilles most popular and respected hosts in the writing community.

We also hope to hear more from "Nashville", the sitcom pilot that Don is shooting in Nov-Dec. By January, it will be circulating to the networks. Wish us luck. There are great folks in that cast, and we hope the networks will agree that it should have a regular time slot.

Thanks for all the support during this last year, and we hope to see you at the McNatt gigs this year.

Fall is Fun / New Sherriff in Town - October 26, 2004

Don and Karen have had a great summer playing in writer's rooms in Nashville, that are unique in all the world, and traveling abroad for a few more songs in London.

Nashville has lost a great writer's venue in Hobo Joes. Like some of the other well known rooms that are no more, we'll miss them, and Nashville writers will remember them fondly, but the great thing about Nashville, is that the appetite for songs is so pervasive, that there is always another great room about to open, just like Hobo Joe's was too short a time ago.

"NASHVILLE" a pilot for Television that has been called the "Seinfeld for the South" by the Tennessean, has cast Don in a recurring role of the wiley Sherriff, just outside of town.
Lots of situation comedies get pitched each year, and this will have to be special to be picked up, but the choices in casting, and production so far, are very encouraging. We may see this on a station near you, in the months ahead.

Hot Summer in Nashville - July 23, 2004

As usual, in Nashville it's Summer, and it's hot! Yes, we get some humidity too, but nothings hotter than the music in Nashville this summer. New songwriter venues that opened over the Winter months are coming into their own right now, as people have had time to find them. Some of Don and Karen's new favorite places to play include the French Quarter, Hobo Joes, It's all good Cafe, the Backyard Cafe in Lieper's fork, and the Top of the Barrell. Great old freinds are in new locations. You'll find Debbi Champion going strong with her songwriter nights at the Commodore Lounge, while Lee Rascone, has a great new room on Broadway near the Ryman, called Crossroads. These great new rooms add demension to a town that already boasts of places like the Bluebird Cafe, Douglas Corner, the Sutler, and a list of others that feature songwriters, and celebrate that "it all starts with the song."

We're proud of the TV programs we've produced over the summer featuring veteran hit writers like Dick Feller, Gerald Smith, and Jimbeau Hinson. If you are in Davidson County, look for "Writers in the Round, with Don McNatt and Friends" on channel 19 CATV. You can catch it at 10pm Mondays, 12:30pm and 4pm on Tuesdays, and Saturdays at 7:30pm. That's 4 chances to catch the program each week. You also see some great writers that we get to see in Nashville, that have not been exposed to a national or worldwide audience YET. There are so many talented people who have come here, that you'll regularly see people who will soon be some of the most successful in the music business. It happens all the time in Nashville, and we've had some of the greats on the WIR program, both before their success, and after it. At SMPLZAT we are continually grateful to those who have come on the program for music and conversation with Don.

The McNatts were in Ft.Worth this summer, as well as in Denver. Played some, heard some great music, and even took in Six Flags, and Estes Park. Hard to determine which was more fun!

The fall holds dates in Europe again this year. Check out the pictures on the site of last's year's trip, and Don playing to a great German Audience in Berlin. We plan to go back,as well as to return to London. Check out the website for Girls with Guitars UK. Our freind Jae Avery has opened a sanctioned franchise of the group here in Nashville, and they are growing like the Tennessee seeds should over there. They have a great group of women, but also import lady songsters from Nashville on occasion, and we're exited to be going over there again.

2nd Wednesday, the concerts in the McNatt home, have had an exiting summer. A wonderful group of friends gathered to hear some truly great writers, behaving as they could, in this non commercial environment, where there's a great deal of talent in the audience as well.

Struck that kids don't have a place to do this, Kid's Day was born, and the first one was held on a Sunday afternoon this summer. Really talented kids performed, including Wesley Styles, and Jesse and Anna McNatt. Look for pictures on the site of this event also.

Check back with us. If we have news, well try to keep up with it here!

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